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Beginner Pilates

Learn how to use the reformers in our beginner pilates course

Ladies on the reformer in a pilates class

The Course

Our Beginner Pilates Principles course aims to build a strong foundation of movement prior to joining our regular classes.  It is designed to improve flexibility, posture, core control, stability and back health.

Who is it for?

It is suitable for anyone new to exercise, those who wish to add this to their fitness routine or those who want to understand their body posture better. We believe that good form and posture gives better results so have designed this 4 week course with that in mind.

What is involved?

This comprehensive Pilates course develops correct movement on the mat with small props  and the large apparatus like the reformer, stability chair and cadillac wall springs. This course is essential in providing confidence in the Pilates basic movements, understanding the language used in our classes and learning to listen to your body.

What is a reformer?

Joseph Pilates, who created the method, used these large machines as a starting point for his clients as they provided support for the spine and pelvis, assisted in flexibility and gave feedback for better movement. We use the reformer and other spring apparatus to provide variety, support and challenge in our classes.

The structure of the Beginner Pilates course:

Week 1– Learn the pilates principles on the mat including breath, pelvic placement and core control.

Week 2 – Work with small props and the cadillac spring wall adding more resistance to the arms and legs and supporting spinal movement.

Week 3 – Transition onto the reformer and see how some of the basic movement can be done with the challenge of a moving surface.

Week 4 – Review the reformer and any other areas the instructor feels is necessary to transition into our classes

We are one of the few studios in Oxfordshire who offer a full class of 8 people on the reformers and it is important to us that our members work efficiently and safely. Check out the video to the right to see our classes in action. If you suffer with any injuries or have been referred by a medical professional please book our Full Body MOT sessions as preparation for our Gentle classes.

Our next Beginner Pilates Courses are running:

Monday January 21st 8pm

Thursday January 24th 10:30am

Cost: £60 for 4 weeks with a group of up to 6 people.

We have the most comprehensive course of pilates for beginners in the area and pride ourselves in teaching the depth of the method with a focus to move efficiently. 

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