If you are going to seriously embark on a fitness routine it is best to start with good foundations

8 Week Fitness Foundation Programme

Our 8 Week Fitness foundation program is our signature way for someone who is starting a new exercise routine or has been out of practice for a while to get stronger, fitter and feeling more awesome!

We guide you on your journey towards a more active life through a structured exercise program, nutrition plan and coaching from the team throughout.

Here are the reasons to join the program:

  1. You want to feel less stiff and inflexible
  2. You want to feel fitter and stronger
  3. You want to drop a few unwanted lbs or get into  smaller size clothing.
  4. You have a holiday or event coming up that you don’t feel your best for.
  5. You have been neglecting yourself lately and feel that now is the time to change your bad habits and feel active and healthy again.
  6. You want to be more active for life. 

Are you unsure of how to start a new fitness routine, haven’t exercised since people wore leotards and leg warmers, or feel like you are stuck in a rut with your exercise and no longer seeing changes in your body. Then this is the program for you because we teach fitness in a way that is tangible and gives results long term. Good form and posture is the key for success in weight loss, strength, sports performance and general fitness. This fitness foundation programme will give you the tools to improve your flexibility with training you can do at home, progressively improve your strength with our conditioning classes and gain confidence in your movement ability. 

The structure of the 8 Week Fitness Foundation Programme

Step 1– Book a free goal setting chat with one of our team to discuss where you are at and if our program can help you. 

Step 2 – Join onto the 8 program and select your 3 classes per week that fit around your schedule with over 30 classes to chose from at various levels. You can be flexible with your classes or we can book the same ones each week. 

Step 3 – Receive your healthy eating guide and 28 meal plan so you can start to lose weight, gain energy and feel better. 

Step 4 – Have access to video tutorials on correct technique with functional movement patterns, flexibility drills and myofascial release to prevent injury. Also tap into our video workouts so you can supplement your program. 

Step 5 – Gain access to our members only facebook group where we will be offering healthy eating tips, workout advice and get support and motivation from others in the programme and your coaches. 

Step 6  -Join the Body Fit Family for continued lifelong results and tell your friends and family how amazing you feel. 

Special Offer for January Only:

  1. Receive 2 of our Full Body MOT sessions as preparation for our program  – Worth £100
  2. Get our New Myofascial Release Kit and video tutorials – worth £75

The Full 8 Week program with your meal plans and extra bonus features is Worth £545 

In January only….£400 

Book your free Goal Setting Chat or Join our program now!

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